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We now take reservations!

July 17, 2014, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Doug Katz in The Katz Club

Join us at Douglas Katz’s Other restaurant, The Katz Club Diner and Bar Car every Wednesday through Sunday. Our all day menu is served from 8am until 9pm Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday…and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Our Bar Car is open from 6pm until 1am. We serve wines and champagne at RETAIL pricing and craft cocktails using house made syrups, juices and freshly chipped ice. We serve oysters, cheese plates and our all day menu until 11pm Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday until Midnight and Sunday until 10pm. Join us for Burgers and Bourbon on Wednesday evenings (a bourbon tasting including a beer and grass fed beef burger for $25 dollars). Please call 216.932.3333 to make a reservation! Learn more by visiting our website at

Presenting our dessert recipe contest winner!

July 12, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Katz Club

Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice!
Coconut, cream cheese frosting, and pecans: perfection.
Samples of the contenders.
Taste testing is hard work.
The finished cake on the pastry table
Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice!
Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice! Coconut, cream cheese frosting, and pecans: perfection. Samples of the contenders. Taste testing is hard work. The finished cake on the pastry table

Those that follow fire’s blog may remember a call for family recipes back in February. As we brainstormed the choicest offerings for The Katz Club Diner’s coffee counter and daydreamed about pies, cookies and layer cakes, each of us had our own stories of favorite homemade desserts and how they fit into our family memories. From this nostalgic discussion came the idea to involve the community and grow the story. We asked for your favorite dessert recipes and the memories tied to them, and then we set our pastry team to work.

I know we won’t get any sympathy for this, but seriously – tasting dozens of desserts in one sitting is pretty tough. Especially without the opportunity for a nap afterwards! After a few debates on flavor, texture and general appeal – and a few adjustments to our belts – we agreed upon a winner. Bobbi’s Cream Cake, submitted by Amy Southard, stood out as a unique yet familiar dish that we could all picture joining the other pastries in our collection. This elegant yet comforting white cake is layered with cream cheese, coconut and pecans, and conjures up hazy memories of picnic table luncheons and springtime family get-togethers.

Amy got the recipe from a friend/coworker in Atlanta, whose mother got it from a friend at church. Amy first tried the recipe for a dinner with friends, and implemented a few tweaks: she added pecans, and tried making the layers in a meatloaf pan for a different shape. She tells me that she has tried a few different variations on the cake, and loves that the recipe allows some room for personalization. Amy chose this recipe for our contest because it’s ‘simple and classic’ and seemed to be a good fit for the diner. We agree!

We’ll be featuring Bobbi’s Cream Cake at our coffee counter for the rest of the month - come in and give it a try!

TKC philosophy: a local, from-scratch approach to diner fare

May 31, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Katz Club

Rising Star espresso, Hartzler milk, latte art by Andre!
Katz Club pop-tarts!
locally purchased and scratch-made mushroom bacon swiss burger.
cold meatloaf sandwich - mom's recipe with local meat and local lettuce!
Rising Star espresso, Hartzler milk, latte art by Andre!
Rising Star espresso, Hartzler milk, latte art by Andre! Katz Club pop-tarts! locally purchased and scratch-made mushroom bacon swiss burger. cold meatloaf sandwich - mom's recipe with local meat and local lettuce!

The Katz Club Diner is decidedly different from your average greasy spoon. Much of the menu stays true to the identity of the American silver diner car, but The Katz Club is a far cry from that cartoonish image that many people have of a disgruntled short order cook slinging grease to a counter full of patrons.

As many know, Chef Katz comes from a fine dining background, and he brings this perspective and attention to detail to a more casual setting on Lee Road. This means neatly rolled omelettes, housemade bacon, and twinkies from scratch. This means ingredients purchased from local farmers, not big box food suppliers. This means you know where your food came from, and who made it!

New Creation Farm in Chardon provides the diner’s beef and pork. Order a diner cheeseburger or a cold meatloaf sandwich, and know that you are supporting a local facility that operates in a completely humane and sustainable way. Order a thick chocolate malt or an artisan cappuccino, and you’re getting milk from Hartzler Family Dairy in Wooster.

The Katz Club Diner purchases its eggs from J & R Farms in Oberlin, its maple syrup from Snake Hill Farm in Chagrin Falls, and its coffee and espresso from Rising Star Coffee Roasters. We also utilize produce from Rittman Orchards, greens from Great Lakes Growers, and feta from Lucky Penny Creamery.

In addition to our commitment to supporting local and sustainable growers and suppliers, our kitchen works nearly around the clock to make as much of our food in house as possible. Our burger and hot dog buns, like all the baked goods on the coffee counter, are made from scratch. Bacon and corned beef are cured in house. Satisfying soups are made with care, not with store-bought base!

As we’ve welcomed the first guests into The Katz Club Diner, we’ve begun to tell the stories of our recipes and relate the conviction and care that we put into producing them. This is no easy task in the context of a fast-paced diner car full of hungry Clevelanders, but we wouldn’t do it any other way.

We couldn’t be more proud of where our food comes from and how its made, and we would love to tell you all about it when you stop in – take a load off at one of our diner stools and ask us about that fried egg sandwich!

Welcome to The Katz Club!

May 07, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Doug Katz in The Katz Club

Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Katz Club Diner and thanks for reading our new blog.

Since I was a boy, I have always wanted to be a chef. I catered my first “event” when I was 14. It was a dinner party for my Grandmother Florence and her friends. I made tiny cucumber sandwiches for hors devours, rack of lamb, and mini chocolate soufflé cakes for dessert The group loved it, and for the first time I saw how food -- my food --could bring people together.

Great food and good times were an inextricable part of my family life. Starting with my my Great Grandmother Mary, my Grandma Florence, and my Mother Linda, I come from a long line of great home cooks. Our family ate much of what most Americans ate back then, but with the addition of recipes reflecting our eastern European heritage. But my mom’s recipes always tasted best! Even today some of my favorite foods are still my mom’s meatloaf, stuffed cabbage and matzo-ball soup, my grandmother’s liver and onions, plus of course, our frequent week-end treat the burgers and fresh cut fries my family enjoyed at diners like Mawby’s,

The Katz Club Diner, is a by-product of a wonderful bit of serendipity. I was searching for space to build a commissary kitchen when I a learned the diner was available. Here was a genuine Pullman diner lovingly restored then plagued by a string of mis-starts, re-muddlings and neglect, just waiting to be rescued. It was hard not to fall in love with that sweet little underdog of a restaurant. The chance to share a little of my own family food history, to rehabilitate a beautiful piece of Americana, and to become part of a great old Cleveland neighborhood was too good to pass up.

So here it is.... The Katz Club Diner! Our menu revisits the foods and fun of the past ...just re-designed and improved! We’ve also re-designed the business side of the restaurant to fit the demands of busy lifestyles.

The Katz Club offers:
-Catering. Creating unforgettable celebrations, is a natural extension of what we do. We can cater occasions large or small.
-Online Ordering. Our entire menu can be easily ordered online for convenient pick-up. Our nifty system will even let you know when your order will be ready.
-Our “Coffee Counter Carry Out” offers a better local alternative. Enjoy fresh brewed Rising Star coffee drinks, teas, juices and other beverages and awesome house-made pop-tarts, whoopie pies, cookies muffins and other fresh baked treats.

After months of planning, construction, and recipe tasting we’re proud to share it all with you!

Since 2000, I’ve had the great pleasure of growing a business that I truly love in own my home town. We’ve helped create an expanding local food community by working with small farmers and purchasing local ingredients whenever possible. We have aided in the redevelopment of grand older communities by locating restaurants in these areas. Finally, we’ve been one of many local restaurants that have put Cleveland on the map as a national foodie destination. None of this could have happened without the love and support of my wife Karen and my kids Abe and Amelia, my parents Linda, and Bob, and my in-laws Jerry and Nancy. As I said earlier, I always knew that I wanted to be a chef, but I never realized all that a culinary life might become for me.

Thanks to you as well, dear friends. I am ever grateful for your continued support.

Warmest regards,


Meet the Team!

May 07, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Doug Katz in The Katz Club

Meet The Team

The Katz Club Diner would simply not be without the hard work, and dedication of the entire team, including our amazingly organized and versatile General Manager Jeannie Starks, tough but tender (and oh so talented) Katz Club Culinary Manager chef Matt Baber, Pastry Chef Matt Melvin (our in-house “sweet genius”), our awesomely efficient and creative, Assistant to Chef Katz, Emily Richardson, our skillful and steady diner Chef Chris Bork, our ever cool, collected and wise Director of Operations, Todd Thompson, our incredibly kind and comforting fire House Manager Michael Kittle, and our ceaselessly charming Director of Catering Suzanne Redford plus everyone in the greater fire family who has lent help and inspiration throughout the development process.

Beginning Wednesday, May 21st, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner dinner 6 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 12 Midnight. Join us for “fun food that feeds the soul.” Please explore our website to learn more about this very special place. We hope it becomes a special place for you as well.

Here are a few of the faces you’ll see behind the counter at the diner.

Jeannie Starks-General Manager
Duane Gilleylem-Assistant Manager
Matt Baber-Culinary Manager
Chris Bork-Chef
Theresa Szentendrei-Barista

stack of coffee cups


shortrib chilaquiles

soft scrambled local farm eggs, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa verde, pickled chiles, amish cheese, cilantro & local feta

roasted hangar steak

smash browns, brussles sprouts, sauteed onions, pastrami, parmesan aioli & classic chimichurri

romaine hearts salad

roasted beets, green beans, baby red potatoes, bleu cheese, grape tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette. add smoked local chicken for $4

Be the first to hear about events, news and special developments from The Katz Club! We promise not to send too many tempting photos of our pastry selection.

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Coffee Counter

You say it's not your birthday?

Birthday Cake Slide Buncha birthday cakes

No problem.


Bar Car

The Bar Car at the Katz Club was the result of one question, what is our kind of bar? It had to be a sleek, cozy, hand crafted, Cary Grant gibson in a wifi world kind of place. A Raymond Chandler mahogany bar top mystery with ice tinking in a highball glass sort of joint. Traditional and familiar, but worlds away from anything that happened before five o'clock.

libation specialties

Hand made cocktails & Champagne

the menu

Freshly shucked oysters, world-class cheese and a selection of small plates

The best ingredients, people with a passion for cocktails and an intimate setting make the bar we have always wanted.