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Meet Lorilei!

July 26, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Team

Have you visited our bar car yet? We were supposed to keep it under the radar but we can’t help but talk about it. It’s a venue and experience different from anything else in the city, and it’s managed by some of the best people in the industry!

One of those people is Lorilei, and we are so happy to have her. She grew up in the area, she loves what she does and she knows her stuff. Lorilei got her start in the restaurant industry at Bodega on Coventry, and after working her way up there spent some time as head bartender at L’Albatros before joining us at The Katz Club.

When asked what she likes about her line of work, Lorilei says she loves the open-ended nature of it – “there are constantly new ways to express creativity”. She also likes to be challenged by guests with interesting requests and meet people that she wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with.

She won’t tell you this, but Lorilei can say that she is one of the top ten bartenders in North America. Last year she won the GQ and Bombay Sapphire Most Imaginative Bartender competition in Las Vegas with her cocktail recipe featuring prosciutto and melon. For this year’s competition, she has created a new take on a gin fizz involving blackberry puree, honey gum syrup, buttermilk ice cream and bee pollen (where has this been all my life?).

Personally, Lorilei prefers simple cocktails and enjoys working with gin, but she also enjoys educating people on new techniques and unusual ingredients to utilize in making their own cocktails at home. For example, she says “a fun way to liven up a classic or boring cocktail is experimenting with different sweetening agents: honey, gum syrup, agave, palm sugar, and maple syrup” are great and accessible options. She also suggests switching it up by using a different fruit element or a unique herb (try cilantro or basil instead of mint!).

For a truly exquisite cocktail, a one of a kind experience, and more ideas on cocktail recipes, visit Lorilei and our other talented staff in the bar car - open Wednesday-Saturday at 8:00pm.

Meet Theresa!

June 14, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Team

Theresa is often one of the first faces you’ll see upon walking into the diner. She is our coffee counter manager, and she’s awesome. I talked with Theresa to learn a little more about her, so you know who’s carefully pouring your latte and brewing the diner coffee just right next time you stop in!

Before moving to Austin for a year and riding her bicycle back to Cleveland, Theresa grew up in Lakewood and worked with Phoenix Coffee. She got into coffee during this time and found a home in the coffee community, travelling in the barista competition circuit as a judge and taking the opportunity to network with others in the field. This is what drove Theresa to pursue coffee as a career. Fast forward to today: she is an integral piece of The Katz Club Diner, lending expertise, enthusiasm and an organizational eye to our prominent coffee and pastry counter.

I asked Theresa what it is about coffee that keeps her interested and passionate, and she had a lot of great things to say. “Coffee is the second most traded product on Earth, and it has the potential to change the world for the growers and the people on the other end buying their beans.” She mentions Rising Star Coffee Roasters and says that she is happy to see more companies in America taking a more direct approach to purchasing coffee beans. “It supports the farmers and creates the opportunity to understand the priorities and challenges on both ends, which builds a more sustainable system that benefits everyone.” On the creative side, Theresa likes that coffee is ‘an ever-changing medium – no two beans will ever taste the same’.

When she’s not behind the coffee counter, Theresa lists her interests as cycling, arts and crafts, the outdoors, and keeping up with her (adorable) toddler. Oh, and her favorite items under our collection of domed cake plates? The housemade cream cakes and scones.

stack of coffee cups


shortrib chilaquiles

soft scrambled local farm eggs, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa verde, pickled chiles, amish cheese, cilantro & local feta

roasted hangar steak

smash browns, brussles sprouts, sauteed onions, pastrami, parmesan aioli & classic chimichurri

romaine hearts salad

roasted beets, green beans, baby red potatoes, bleu cheese, grape tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette. add smoked local chicken for $4

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Bar Car

The Bar Car at the Katz Club was the result of one question, what is our kind of bar? It had to be a sleek, cozy, hand crafted, Cary Grant gibson in a wifi world kind of place. A Raymond Chandler mahogany bar top mystery with ice tinking in a highball glass sort of joint. Traditional and familiar, but worlds away from anything that happened before five o'clock.

libation specialties

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the menu

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The best ingredients, people with a passion for cocktails and an intimate setting make the bar we have always wanted.