New specials to improve your morning, afternoon and night

September 26, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in

Well, we made it through our first summer. We’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot and served a lot of milkshakes. We’ve met the community and gotten a feel for what kind of diner you want in your neighborhood. Lots of great ideas have been thrown around and we can’t wait to show you more of them!

As we step into fall, we have busy school days, productive lunch meetings and late night study sessions on our minds. We want to make The Katz Club Diner a place that you can stop by on your way to class in the morning, on your lunch break, or when you need late-night breakfast and a coffee cup that you never see the bottom of during a thesis-writing marathon.

With these thoughts in mind, we’ve come up with a few new features that we hope will make hectic days brighter, and busy people feel cared for.

on-the-go breakfast special: stop in anytime that we’re open, and we’ll send you off with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a housemade english muffin, along with a 12oz. cup of our custom blend of Rising Star coffee for $5! Not to pressure you, but our house-cured bacon, farm eggs and cheddar – all locally purchased – run circles around the fast food version of this classic sandwich! And our coffee is amazing. No brainer.

lunch combo: choose any two from a selection of our soups, salads and sandwiches for $7.50. Sometimes you only want half a sandwich, and with colder weather approaching, a cup of soup should almost always accompany your lunch.

late night scramble: two eggs and your choice of three fillings and toast for $5. If you’re going to stay up til 3am editing that research project or board meeting presentation, let us feed you first! Try spinach, mushroom and farmer’s cheese, or sausage, peppers and swiss. Come in and ask for this special after 8pm Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, and after 10pm Friday and Saturday.

Thanks for a great summer, Cleveland. Look for more news this fall!

Meet Lorilei!

July 26, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Team

Have you visited our bar car yet? We were supposed to keep it under the radar but we can’t help but talk about it. It’s a venue and experience different from anything else in the city, and it’s managed by some of the best people in the industry!

One of those people is Lorilei, and we are so happy to have her. She grew up in the area, she loves what she does and she knows her stuff. Lorilei got her start in the restaurant industry at Bodega on Coventry, and after working her way up there spent some time as head bartender at L’Albatros before joining us at The Katz Club.

When asked what she likes about her line of work, Lorilei says she loves the open-ended nature of it – “there are constantly new ways to express creativity”. She also likes to be challenged by guests with interesting requests and meet people that she wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with.

She won’t tell you this, but Lorilei can say that she is one of the top ten bartenders in North America. Last year she won the GQ and Bombay Sapphire Most Imaginative Bartender competition in Las Vegas with her cocktail recipe featuring prosciutto and melon. For this year’s competition, she has created a new take on a gin fizz involving blackberry puree, honey gum syrup, buttermilk ice cream and bee pollen (where has this been all my life?).

Personally, Lorilei prefers simple cocktails and enjoys working with gin, but she also enjoys educating people on new techniques and unusual ingredients to utilize in making their own cocktails at home. For example, she says “a fun way to liven up a classic or boring cocktail is experimenting with different sweetening agents: honey, gum syrup, agave, palm sugar, and maple syrup” are great and accessible options. She also suggests switching it up by using a different fruit element or a unique herb (try cilantro or basil instead of mint!).

For a truly exquisite cocktail, a one of a kind experience, and more ideas on cocktail recipes, visit Lorilei and our other talented staff in the bar car - open Wednesday-Saturday at 8:00pm.

Presenting our dessert recipe contest winner!

July 12, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in The Katz Club

Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice!
Coconut, cream cheese frosting, and pecans: perfection.
Samples of the contenders.
Taste testing is hard work.
The finished cake on the pastry table
Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice!
Amy and her beautiful daughter Kasey enjoyed the first slice! Coconut, cream cheese frosting, and pecans: perfection. Samples of the contenders. Taste testing is hard work. The finished cake on the pastry table

Those that follow fire’s blog may remember a call for family recipes back in February. As we brainstormed the choicest offerings for The Katz Club Diner’s coffee counter and daydreamed about pies, cookies and layer cakes, each of us had our own stories of favorite homemade desserts and how they fit into our family memories. From this nostalgic discussion came the idea to involve the community and grow the story. We asked for your favorite dessert recipes and the memories tied to them, and then we set our pastry team to work.

I know we won’t get any sympathy for this, but seriously – tasting dozens of desserts in one sitting is pretty tough. Especially without the opportunity for a nap afterwards! After a few debates on flavor, texture and general appeal – and a few adjustments to our belts – we agreed upon a winner. Bobbi’s Cream Cake, submitted by Amy Southard, stood out as a unique yet familiar dish that we could all picture joining the other pastries in our collection. This elegant yet comforting white cake is layered with cream cheese, coconut and pecans, and conjures up hazy memories of picnic table luncheons and springtime family get-togethers.

Amy got the recipe from a friend/coworker in Atlanta, whose mother got it from a friend at church. Amy first tried the recipe for a dinner with friends, and implemented a few tweaks: she added pecans, and tried making the layers in a meatloaf pan for a different shape. She tells me that she has tried a few different variations on the cake, and loves that the recipe allows some room for personalization. Amy chose this recipe for our contest because it’s ‘simple and classic’ and seemed to be a good fit for the diner. We agree!

We’ll be featuring Bobbi’s Cream Cake at our coffee counter for the rest of the month - come in and give it a try!

'Adam and Eve on a raft wreck 'em!'

June 29, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in counter culture

The American diner is a multifaceted cultural icon, built on bacon and eggs, coffee and pie, conversation and comradery. Part of this ‘counter’ culture that’s particularly clever and a bit silly is diner cook lingo. I’ll preface this by saying that our culinary staff does not actually utilize this language – restaurant kitchens have their own language that’s pretty standard and utilitarian in comparison. But, it’s fun to learn some of the colorful wit that seasons diner tradition and character!

Here are some of the favorite vocabulary terms that we’ve dug up:

adam and eve on a raft: two poached eggs on toast

axle grease: butter

black cow: chocolate milkshake

bun pup: hot dog

burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it: hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion

cackle fruit: eggs

cluck and grunt: eggs and bacon

draw one in the dark: black coffee

fifty-five: glass of root beer

flop two: two fried eggs

gentleman will take a chance: hash

house boat: banana split

mouse trap: grilled cheese sandwich

on the hoof: meat cooked rare

pair of drawers: two cups of coffee

radio: tuna salad

wreck ‘em: scrambled eggs

Next time you visit, try some new vocabulary on your friends and family! …but please don’t subject our servers to it, they have a lot to keep up with between putting the float in your fifty-five and axle grease on your raft (that’s toast).

The grown-up side of the soda fountain

June 22, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in

When brainstorming and planning the menu for The Katz Club Diner, we strove to recreate the classics, satisfy nostalgic food memories and become a place where diner culture and cuisine could be shared with the younger generations. There is truly nothing better than a thick milkshake with hot, salted french fries! Although, a little booze added to that equation could make it a little more interesting for the grown-ups…

From this thirsty train of thought came the ‘Adults Only’ section of the soda fountain menu. Wouldn’t a little rum in your chocolate shake give it just the right nip? The gene wilder shake thinks so. Then there’s the dirty blonde shake, which incorporates whiskey into an already delicious vanilla malt. One of these selections with a diner burger and crispy fries: perfect.

If you’re more inclined toward lime, the gin rickey float and tequila joe float are for you. Both start with our refreshing lime rickey recipe, prepared to order with housemade lime syrup and soda, then topped with housemade lime sorbet. The choice between gin and tequila dictates whether you’re a Rickey or a Joe.

The shakin’ jesse float is in a category all its own. Guinness, espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream – enough said. Your day just got way better.

Something about a silver diner car makes everyone feel like a kid again. The Katz Club Diner team is having heaps of fun with this, but we think we’ve nailed a serendipitous dynamic that caters to the grown-up side of a youthful spirit.

stack of coffee cups


shortrib chilaquiles

soft scrambled local farm eggs, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa verde, pickled chiles, amish cheese, cilantro & local feta

roasted hangar steak

smash browns, brussles sprouts, sauteed onions, pastrami, parmesan aioli & classic chimichurri

romaine hearts salad

roasted beets, green beans, baby red potatoes, bleu cheese, grape tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette. add smoked local chicken for $4

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