Homemade doughnuts, ho-hos, cookies

this is  the good stuff

Whether you have just five minutes to stop by on your morning commute, or you need a boost after a satisfying breakfast at the diner counter, the coffee counter at The Katz Club has you covered. Featuring Cleveland's own Rising Star Coffee, our baristas provide your fix with care and quality - not your typical mug of diner coffee!

The coffee counter also offers an imaginative display of pastries, from homemade pop tarts to dreamy layer cakes too delicious to reserve for just birthdays. Treat yourself to a chocolate whoopee pie and a latte, or bring coffee and doughnuts for the whole office!

cup of coffee with heart


shortrib chilaquiles

soft scrambled local farm eggs, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa verde, pickled chiles, amish cheese, cilantro & local feta

roasted hangar steak

smash browns, brussles sprouts, sauteed onions, pastrami, parmesan aioli & classic chimichurri

romaine hearts salad

roasted beets, green beans, baby red potatoes, bleu cheese, grape tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette. add smoked local chicken for $4

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Coffee Counter

You say it's not your birthday?

Birthday Cake Slide Buncha birthday cakes

No problem.


Bar Car

The Bar Car at the Katz Club was the result of one question, what is our kind of bar? It had to be a sleek, cozy, hand crafted, Cary Grant gibson in a wifi world kind of place. A Raymond Chandler mahogany bar top mystery with ice tinking in a highball glass sort of joint. Traditional and familiar, but worlds away from anything that happened before five o'clock.

libation specialties

Hand made cocktails & Champagne

the menu

Freshly shucked oysters, world-class cheese and a selection of small plates

The best ingredients, people with a passion for cocktails and an intimate setting make the bar we have always wanted.